About me

Photo Credit: Adolfo Álvarez

About me

Welcome to my website!. My name is Adolfo Álvarez, and currently you can find me at Analyx, where I am part of a great team of analysts and data scientists who will extract valuable information from your data.

I got a degree in Industrial Engineering at Universidad de Santiago de Chile, and later I moved to Spain where I completed my PhD in Business Management and Quantitative Methods at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid under the supervision of Daniel Peña. I am interested in the theory and practise of data analysis, under this umbrella you can find many different names pointing to the same concept: business intelligence, statistical (or machine) learning, multivariate statistics, etc… You can find more details about my research interests in the CV section here

Once I was asked if I had another hobby besides R (a.k.a. #rstats), and actually I have: Social networks, photography, travelling, and discovering new places in old cities, but developing R models takes up most of my time at work and some of my free time. In the “Articles” section you can find some thoughts, examples, and pieces of R code that have been useful for me, so I think is worth to share.

If you are interested in contact me, please send me an email to “adalvarez” within the domain gmail.com, or write me in twitter: @adolfoalvarez or let’s connect in LinkedIn.